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April 2017 05
Buy Soma Online Usa
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on What and who can be contacted using contactSCOTLAND-BSL

Scotland’s public sector is made up of many different organisations covering health, central government, charities, local councils, commissioners and tribunals. is the place for people in Scotland to access public services that are easy…

April 2017 04
Buy Diazepam Australia
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Presentations

We have been extremely busy over the past couple of months giving presentations and live demonstrations all over the country ... In the past 2 months we have provided presentations and live demos at: Glasgow…

March 2017 02
Adipex To Buy Online
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on New Promotional Videos now Available

We have produced a number of promotional videos on contactSCOTLAND-BSL. These, by use of real life situations, clearly explain what the service is about. Please feel free to download these or embed them in your…

February 2017 21
Buy Valium Bangkok Airport
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on The Gathering – SECC Glasgow

Come and visit us at SCVO's The Gathering 2017 at Glasgow's SECC - we'er at Stand number 78 - You can even book a time slot for a chat: @scvotweet #lovecharity The Gathering is an…

February 2017 21
Buy Xanax On The Internet
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Warm welcome at Inverness Deaf Club

A warm welcome was given to Andy Irvine on his visit to Inverness Deaf Club on the evening of Saturday, 18th February. Good to see old friends again. Members of the club who attended enjoyed…

February 2017 15
Buy Diazepam Online Uk
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Dundee Smart Care Convention 2017

We're looking forward to attending 'Dundee Smart Care Convention 2017' today (15th February) at Dundee's Caird Hall - Feel free to come and visit our stall for information on contactSCOTLAND-BSL and for live demonstrations. We'll…

February 2017 13
Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Mention at Scottish Parliamnet

contactSCOTLAND-BSL mentioned during questions to Maureen Watt, Minister for Mental Health - 9th February 2017. National Health Service (Support for British Sign Language Users) Gillian Martin (Aberdeenshire East) (SNP):  To ask the Scottish Government how…

February 2017 08
Cheap Ambien Cr
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Live demo

Thanks to Deaf Connections staff in Glasgow for the warm welcome 'home' to give a presentation and live demo of the service to Deaf Care Staff. Even with the technical issue with the projector, we…

January 2017 26
Buy Ambien Online Paypal
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Live Chat now available

We are pleased to announce that our 'Live-Chat' sessions will be starting on the 2nd of February and thereafter the first Thursday of every month. Times for the Live-Chat are from 2pm to 3pm We…