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British Sign Language (Scotland) Act gains momentum

National Advisory Group members announced. A new expert advisory group has been appointed to support the implementation of legislation which will improve the way public services meet the needs of deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users. This follows the introduction of the historic BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 last September, which recognised BSL as a language of Scotland, and will r...
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Scottish Council on Deafness – SCoD

Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD) are the first third sector/voluntary organisation to include contactSCOTLAND in their 'contact us' page:  @SCoDmedia #scod #access We will be updating the website to include some resources (such as logos/sample wording etc) for other organisations to use shortly. Feel free to 'save as' the following:
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Testimonial from Paul

[ap_testimonial image="" image_shape="square" client="Paul Tipling" designation="Greenock"] “That is really good to know that not only public bodies can be contacted but also charities and voluntary organisations are now included. I’m involved with some and this will be really useful.” [/ap_testimonial] https://vi...
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Sign language interpreting service expands – First anniversary of video call service for Deaf people.

Sign language interpreting service expands First anniversary of video call service for Deaf people. Online British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting service contactSCOTLAND is celebrating its first anniversary by expanding into the third sector. The Scottish Government-funded service, which allows Deaf people across Scotland to contact public sector services using sign language, is being exten...
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website update

As we hit our 1st birthday - We will be updating our website over the next day or so - adding more content, more BSL videos etc. You can also keep up to date with us on Twitter:   @ContactScotland - Facebook pages will be up and running shortly.  
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BT Outage!

For a short period of time today (02/02/2016) we - and the rest of the country - experienced a short outage of BT Broadband Business services - luckily, we have resilience and contingency plans where our on-line interpreters can quickly get back on-line via our locations. Apologies if anyone was trying to get through during this short period - again, we've had another busy day! From the BBC:...
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