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April 2018 05
Buy Diazepam Australia
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on BSL National & Local Plans

We have just updated our web page aimed at providing information for National & Local BSL Plans “The BSL National Plan has ten long-term goals. These goals represent our collective ambition for BSL in Scotland.”…

May 2017 08
Adipex To Buy Online
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on What’s on this month

We are very busy this month with a whole host of activities - look forward to seeing you at one of the following events We will have a stall and information on contactSCOTLAND-BSL at the…

March 2016 17
Buy Valium Bangkok Airport
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on British Sign Language (Scotland) Act gains momentum

National Advisory Group members announced. A new expert advisory group has been appointed to support the implementation of legislation which will improve the way public services meet the needs of deaf British Sign Language (BSL)…

March 2016 08
Buy Xanax On The Internet
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on BSL version – press release

Thanks to Sign Health who have produced the BSL version of the Scottish Government's press release @SignHealth @SLi_interaction #BSL #access