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April 2015 28
Buy Soma Online Usa
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on NSIS partnership leads

Presentation and live demo delivered by Andy Irvine at the National Sensory Impairment Service Leads meeting held in COSLA's offices in Edinburgh on Monday 27th April 2015. Presentation generated a great deal of discussion and…

April 2015 04
Buy Diazepam Australia
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Scottish Parliament

Andy Irvine of contactSCOTLAND-BSL spent the afternoon on Thursday 2nd April promoting the service at the Scottish Parliament meeting many MSPs and staff. A great deal of interest was shown with many MSPs already aware…

March 2015 27
Adipex To Buy Online
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on SAAS Conference

We were delighted to attend SAAS's conference on Thursday 26th March held in Central Hotel, Glasgow.  Many conference participants approached our stall and were very interested in the service - contactSCOTLAND-BSL has already been used to…

March 2015 17
Buy Valium Bangkok Airport
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Over 3,000 website hits

We are pleased to announce that the contactscotland-bsl website has had over 3,300 hits in just over 2 weeks. The majority of visitors are from within Scotland - even though the website stats show 'pins' from…

March 2015 11
Buy Xanax On The Internet
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Press release: New video call service for deaf people is UK first

National roll-out for sign language interpreting service New video call service for deaf people is UK first A nationwide roll-out of a new online interpreting service will allow deaf people across Scotland to use sign…

March 2015 11
Buy Diazepam Online Uk
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Inverclyde Radio

Jamie Hepburn MSP appeared on Inverclyde Radio on 10th March "BSL Interpreting Service: Jamie Hepburn MSP: Minister for Health and Sport joined us on the phone to speak about a nationwide roll-out of BSL Interpreting…

March 2015 11
Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech
Posted By : mainadmin
Comments Off on Connect & Collaborate – SCoD 2015

contactSCOTLAND-BSL will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 'Connect & Collaborate' Conference being organised by SCoD. If attending please feel free to come to our stall where we will be more than happy to provide you…