03 Mar

Testimonial from Paul

[ap_testimonial image=”http://contactscotland-bsl.org/csbsl/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/paultipling2.jpg” image_shape=”square” client=”Paul Tipling” designation=”Greenock”] “That is really good to know that not only public bodies can be contacted but also charities and voluntary organisations are now included. I’m involved with some and this will be really useful.”

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order soma with no prescription Using contactSCOTLAND is fantastic as it provides access where I can use BSL rather than written English. It provides immediate access to numerous organisations when I need it. Contacting local voluntary groups, local disability organisations making arrangements to attend meetings etc. I no longer have to rely on someone to telephone for me. Making contact using contactSCOTLAND means I have clear communication in my terms. It’s fantastic! I am really pleased with the service. Thank you so much.


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