Live online chat last Thursday of every month

We are pleased to announce that our 'Live-Chat' sessions continue to be held on the  last Thursday of every month. Times for the Live-Chat are from 2pm to 3pm We will review this from time to time and may extend the hours if needed. This facility is currently  for BSL users only. To use the live chat - contact contactSCOTLAND-BSL in the usual way - using the android or apple App or fro...
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User Group members wanted

We're looking for 'User Group' members from across Scotland to make sure user views are included in service developments. If your interested: email: or send video/upload file: or direct message via facebook page: Group will meet twice a year.
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Who do you want to call?

We have placed a simple 'one-line' form on our home page so you can let us know of any public body or organisation that should be encouraged to use contactSCOTLAND-BSL – let us know by typing in an organisation or public body that we can make contact with.
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Site accessibility options

We have made some updates with our website which should make it easier for all visitors to browse the site pages. We've included: Added a 'high contrast' option Added 'increase/decrease' font toggle All links are now underlined automatically All images have alternative descriptions ... and much more behind the scenes  
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Service evaluation

To help with the evaluation of the service the Scottish Government (via Deaf Sector Partnership ) would like to get your views on the service Survey Monkey questionnaires have been made to get your feedback/views: Deaf/Deafblind Community: A BSL explanation of the questions is available here <<<   Deaf Organisations:      https://...
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Service feedback

Here are just a few of the feedback comments we have received Thank you very much for interpreting and helping me I cannot use enough positive words to explain how good service is, amazing, fantastic, brilliant...more. I feel more free to express myself in my own language, which makes me feel safer and more secure Interpreters are very patient and helpful  I really hope this service will car...
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