How to guide

How to exit from the new app

The Apps have been updated on both Apple Store and Google Play (Version You have to register for the service at After updating your App you have to 'Exit' / 'Logout'  and log back in then use your username and password. This is the new look screens - Settings then Exit Apple says 'Logout' / Android says 'Exit'  
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Use our contact details

If you are a public body or a third sector organisation - you can use our logo and link to our website in your 'contact' pages. Deaf BSL users will then know they can contact you using BSL via an on-line BSL/English interpreter. More information and suggested wording can be found here:      
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Reset Passwords

[ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="3"] New phone? New Tablet? Forgot your password - lost the welcome email with your password in it? You can now go to  click 'Forgot your password?' and insert your 'username' or 'email address' and get a new password emailed to you - simple! [/ap_column] [ap_column span="3"] Select 'Forgot you...
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What is video with NDCS

We have teamed up with NDCS Scotland to create a short 'What is contactSCOTLAND' video aimed at the younger population. It's useful for all age groups and gives a brief outline as to what contactSCOTLAND is, what can it be used for, and how to install on your mobile device. Many thanks to: Amy Dawson Olivia Preston Derek Todd NDCS Scotland & SCoD ...
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