To call a Deaf BSL user:

Call 0131 510 4555 and ask for the person by name or by extension number if known.
More on extension numbers below

Receiving a call from a deaf person:

It’s simple, just answer the call your usual way – our interpreter at contactSCOTLAND will speak to you (interpreting what the deaf person is signing) and sign to the deaf person (interpreting what your are saying).

Treat this as a ‘normal’ conversation and take turns.

Tips for contactSCOTLAND calls:

  • Calls may be slightly longer than calls direct to another person (not using an interpreter) as it is going through a 3rd person – so this will obviously add some time to the call
  • It may be useful to plan your call in advance
  • Have pen and paper handy – may be useful to take notes
  • Don’t worry about any ‘pauses’, although the interpreter will be signing simultaneously as you speak, there may be a slight time-lag while interpreting to/from the target and source language takes place
  • Interpreters will remain professional and impartial, and will not offer views or comments on what’s being discussed, even if asked!

Visit our FAQs page for some answers to common questions.

Extension numbers

Call contactSCOTLAND-BSL  on: 0131 510 4555 – Just ask for the BSL user by name or by extension number that they provided to you.

Example: 0131 510 4555 and ask for ‘Harry Hillsham’ – or – 0131 510 4555 Ext 0102

Remember, if you do not have the user’s extension number, just ask for them by name.

You can use our ‘Contact us through an online BSL Interpreter’ button on your ‘Contact us’ web page and in your email signature.

online button.

More information here <<<

contactSCOTLAND-BSL is a Scottish Government service that provides telephone access for deaf BSL users throughout Scotland through an online BSL interpreting video relay service (VRS).