How to install app

This example shows the installation of the ‘interpreternow’ app on an Android device (phone, tablet) Image of Google's Play Store icon.

Installation on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad) is very similar (via App Store) Image of Apple's App Store icon.

Apps are FREE! – you do not have to pay!

From Google ‘Play Store’

Image of Gogle Play store.

Search for ‘interpreternow’

image of Google Play search.

The app looks like this (top)

Image of available Apps.

Select ‘InterpreterNOW’

Image showing InterpreterNow app.

Select ‘Install’ / ‘Open’

image showing install screen for the app. image showing app open screen.

The App is now installed on your phone/tablet

image showing app installed on device.

 To use the App for the first time you have to ‘Register’ as a new user
This is how to ‘Register’ …

Ready to use

image showing app installed on device. Image of App login screen.

First time use – ‘if not Registered’

5aa2 Screenshot_2015-06-03-10-41-20

‘Click here’ takes you to next screen >>>

  • Create a ‘username’
  • Enter your First & Second name
  • Enter your email address

An email will be sent to you with your password

Fill out ‘Registration form’

Image of 'sign-up' screen.


Select the ‘InterpreterNow‘ app (username/password)

image showing app installed on device.  Image of App login screen.

InterpreterNow ‘home’ screen – Select ‘Services

image of InterpreterNow dashboard.

Select contactSCOTLAND-BSL

image of service selection options.

you will connect to the On-line interpreter


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