Scotland’s British Sign Language Interpreting Video Relay Service (VRS) – enabling contact with all of Scotland’s public bodies and third sector organisations

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Open 8am-12 midnight | 7 days a week | Non-emergency calls only (not 999 calls)

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Introduction to contactSCOTLAND-BSL

Using the service

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Third Sector Access

All third sector organisations #ClacksConnect @clacksctsi can access contactSCOTLAND-BSL – make your services accessible by visiting our web page: http://contactscotland-bsl.org/public/ Go on… who do you want to call?


Starting college or uni

Starting college or uni – need to make contact with them to make arrangements etc? There is no need to rely on others to make calls for you – watch our short video on what contactSCOTLAND can do for you … Go on …Who do you want to call?  


Who and what are Scotland’s Third Sector

According to SCVO: http://www.scvo.org.uk/news-campaigns-and-policy/research/scvo-scottish-third-sector-statistics/  Key facts The Scottish third sector encompasses an estimated 45,000 voluntary organisations, of which around half are registered as charities. From small grassroots sports groups to pre-school day care, self-help groups, health and well-being services, culture and arts venues, village halls, housing and major social care providers, the third sector plays a… Continue Reading Who and what are Scotland’s Third Sector


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Who do you want to call?

If you know of any public body or organisation to be encouraged to use contactSCOTLAND-BSL – let us know below – thanks

authorities/organisations that can be contacted include (and many more):

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