Urgent Action Required 

Action: SignVideo Server Upgrade

SignVideo is upgrading our data centre server infrastructure and as a result this will require you to undertake a minor corporate network administration change.  This only applies if your organisation has access to our service from within a corporate network.  Please note that our ‘click-to-call’ services, whereby Deaf customers click a button/link on your website to access our service, are unaffected.

To ensure your users enjoy uninterrupted access to the SignVideo service, please may we ask that you contact your network administrator (IT Staff) to add new firewall port details as shown below:

Port Domain/IP Protocol Direction (client’s perspective) Description
443 TCP Outgoing Web traffic
5060 TCP/UDP Both ways (Initiated from inside) SIP traffic to server
5061 TCP Both ways To enable TLS Secure on SIP traffic
443 TCP Outgoing Establishment of call, SIP secure
40000-40999 UDP Both ways (Initiated from inside) Server for handling Web RTC Video and Audio Traffic
8000-8200 UDP Both ways (Initiated from inside) RTP and RTCP Protocol


To be completed before midnight of 15 September 2021

We would be grateful if you could confirm acknowledgement of this communication by sending an email to, to confirm when this task has been planned for, and again once it has been completed.

Please do not discharge the current network settings until further notice, as we will perform testing to ensure that all is in order and that there is no disruption to your service, after which we will contact you to confirm when the current network settings can be retired.

I hope that we have outlined the steps to take accordingly, however should you wish to discuss further with our IT team, please don’t hesitate to contact us on, and we’ll be glad to assist.

Many Thanks,

The SignVideo Team